April Goals

Spring is finally here! Even though the weather in Buffalo still isn’t warm or very pleasant, just knowing that better weather is on the way makes me feel so inspired and motivated! That being said, I’ve been super excited to sit down and map out my goals for April, as well as take a second to review the month of March and all I’ve accomplished.


A very important part of goal planning is to reward yourself and celebrate your successes! Just checking something off of a list with not give you that euphoric vibe that keeps us going! Review what went right and what went wrong- move with your goals. That means leaving your failures behind.

If you have read my past posts about goal planning, you’ll know I separate my goals into 3 sections. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I suggest you read those posts first!

Plan With Me 2018 // How to Goal Plan Like a #GirlBoss

Section 1- Health

1.) Get Fit

  • Exercise Daily
  • Get a gym membership

2.) Sleep More

Last month I tried waking up at 4:30am everyday. Although it sounds horrid, it was actually an amazing experience! Unfortunately I had to stop waking up so early due to my terrible habit of going to bed late. I’m hoping by adjusting my sleep period that I will eventually be able to switch back to my 4:30am wakeup time!

  • Get (7) hours of sleep
  • Go to bed and wake up at a consistent time
  • Track my sleep

3.) Drink More Water

I have a terrible habit of not drinking water for days at a time, this month I am challenging myself to drink water consistently!

  • Track water intake
  • Drink half my weight in ounces of water

4.) Eat Better

I’ve never had a bad diet. I don’t enjoy sweets or junky food, butttt I do love my carbs and eat them in terrible portions!

  • Eat (1) fruit & (1) veggie a day
  • Track my carbs

5.) Gain Weight

I am an extremely tiny person. I am only 4’10” and I have been done growing for a long time. Because of this I do not weigh much. I am not underweight but I still feel as if I am. I would like gain 7-10 pounds!

  • Track daily calories
  • Eat (3) full meals
  • Eat 3000 calories a day
  • Exercise daily

Section 2- Blog

1.) Gain a Following

  • Email every subscriber
  • Follow more bloggers
  • Comment on other posts
  • Post on multiple platforms

2.) Revamp Instagram

For those of you who don’t follow my instagram, I used to post daily and got roughly 100 likes on each picture. Most of my photos were strictly of my planners. I really want to make my instagram more personal instead of just my planning!

  • Take pictures daily
  • Delete instagram posts
  • Change username
  • Update profile

3.) Have 20 Blog Posts

  • Write everyday
  • Be 2 weeks ahead in posts
  • Post consistently
  • Post once/twice a week

4.) Stay Proactive

  • Goal Plan Daily
  • Check Email Daily

Section 3- Mindfulness

1.) Stay Aware

As a young adult in a world of social media, it’s hard to stay aware while also finding truth within the media and news. I want to be better at seeking truth, wisdom, and researching.

  • Read on Flipboard app
  • Watch multiple news outlets
  • Do daily research
  • Read (3) books this month

2.) Practice Gratitude

Awhile ago I started a gratitude journal which I love writing in! It has become one of my favorite parts of my morning and night routine!

  • Write in journal daily

3.) Find my Zen

I, (like most people) struggle with anxiety and maintaining inner peace. This month I’d love to better my mental health by spending more time meditating!

  • Meditate everyday
  • Do more yoga
  • Go back to yoga classes
  • Write in Dream Journal

These are all of my goals for the month of April! Comment below and tell me what some of yours are!

Xoxo, Jen


Finding Inspiration

Sometimes we hit seasons in our lives where the inspiration or spark disappears and our dreams become farther away from us than ever. These periods can last from weeks to months and they can easily lead us way off of our track. If that’s you right now- keep reading!

When I lose my little spark of inspiration whether it be for work, school, or life itself- I immediately freak out and feel hopeless and lost. I’m always used to having a plan- that’s what I’m good at. So when that plan changes or I realize I was meant to be on a different path, I know I need to come up with something new and fast. Sometimes I just wake up one week feeling all of the sudden like things are…off ; so I’ll feel tired and lazy and miserable for no reason. That’s when we need inspiration the most!

1.) Understand Why

The very first and most important thing to do is to recognize what your goals are. If you don’t know them yet, read my past blog post about it here. Now take a look at your list of goals, dream board, or even just your pinterest boards. Visualize your dream life. Maybe even just where you see yourself next year or in a few months. Landing a new job, starting college, or even buying a new apartment. Remembering why we’re doing what we’re doing and giving ourselves a reason to keep moving is what will give us the biggest push in feel motivated and inspired again.

2.) Find a New Voice

One of the biggest things that have helped me is finding new role models and new people that inspire me. Listening to new podcasts or discovering new bloggers always gives me a new perspective on life. Make a list of your current role models. These can be your favorite Youtubers, authors, or even just empowering people in your life whether that’s your mom, a mentor, or teacher. Now write why each of them inspire you. Recently I discovered Andrea Owen’s podcast “Your Kickass Life” and I’ve been binge listening to her podcast episodes every single day while I’m in the car or just getting ready for work. Last week I went to Barnes and Noble and bought both of her books! Finding a new voice has helped me get a new perspective and has led me to create a new mindset.

3.) Try Something New

The easiest way to find inspiration is to get out and do something! Go out with those people in your life that you always say you’ll make plans with but never do; you’ll be surprised how these people could end up as your closest friends. Maybe try something you’ve always wanted to do yet have felt ashamed or embarrassed about, whether that’s a dance or cooking class you’ve been curious about. Change some of your daily habits. If you’re a night owl, wake up early. If you shower first thing in the morning try showering before bed. Try that new diet you’ve been putting off. Grab a friend and head to the gym like you’ve been meaning to. Creating healthy change is the quickest way to seek inspiration.

4.) Change Your Environment

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve felt like a new person after just simply rearranging or redecorating my room. Doing something as simple as moving your bed to the other side of the room will make you instantly feel more refreshed and will make your brain become more adaptive and creative. If you work from home or do most of your studying in your room, take your work outside or to a coffee shop. Finding a new area to think and relax will give you a new perspective. Take a day trip- or a vacation (if you can afford it!) Just getting away for a day or two will instantly change your mindset and freshen you up.

Xoxo, Jen


My blog graphic was taken by my talented boyfriend Jared Wright! Show him some love on:

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I love hearing from you guys! Leave a comment and tell me how you find your inspiration!

How I Organize My Phone

Seeing pages and pages full of unorganized apps makes me breathe heavy. That being said, you can probably guess pretty easily that I organize my apps constantly. One of the simplest ways to install healthy change in your life is by starting with small stuff- like your phone! Even though it may seem like an easy task, it can quickly become frustrating and confusing. Here’s a few of my best tips and tricks for organizing your phone!


My favorite way to organize my phone is by using folders only, and using only 4 per page. I have three pages of apps on my phone so I put 4 folders on each one that way it’s not an eye sore and I can also see my cute background!

My main screen looks like this. I have my messages and social media on the bottom for easy access. Keeping my pages organized with the least amount of apps/ folders as possible will help declutter your mind.

On my next page, I have my first four folders. The “Daily” folder holds all of my everyday apps that are crucial. Next I have my google folder, blog/work folder, and music folder. This page has only apps that I use often.

My next two pages are full of folders that aren’t used as often, but are still necessary. Having my phone organized this way has helped me to be on my phone less and stay productive. I’m constantly trying to delete more apps so that I can keep cutting down. Less is definitely more!

Xoxo, Jen

Creating Your Dream Board

Goal planning can fail when you forget what you’re even working for in the first place, and why. If you’re a heavy Pinterest addict like me, you might have a board called “GOALS” or “Dream Life” that you fawn over daily. Having a visual representation/reminder of your goals will create an endless inspiration and passion for your work. Although I can admit I’m on my phone a lot, I can say having a personal dream board on my phone is not as effective as a physical one is.

I greatly feel that dream boards are the key to success. Nothing motivates me more than staring at my dream board every morning and reminding myself what I need to focus on and where my priorities are.

In order to create your dream board, you of course will need to know what exactly your goals are. Try to find 5-10 short term, long term, and in-between goals to add to your list. Get as specific as possible. Start with your long term goals, and then work your way down from there. Maybe add your dream car, or dream job.

Once you make your list, try to find photos that best represent these. Some dream boards are more collage style while others lean more towards a more modern or organized look, so keep that in mind while selecting photos! Pinterest is a great place to start. If you already have a dream board on Pinterest, you can easy save the photos to your phone. If not, you can simply search for photos on Pinterest or Google.

Another thing to consider is how you want your dream board to look. If you want a collage style dream board, then you might need different size photos or different colors. If you want to try a polaroid dream board wall, making sure you have the correct sizing is key. Because collages quickly become eye sores for me, I made my dream board simply by printing my photos all portrait to keep things organized.

After you select your photos, think about where you will be keeping this dream board. Find a wall that is a little more empty, and think of how big you want your dream board to be. If you want your dream board as a collage, where will you put it up? If you do a polaroid wall, how much space will you need? If neither of those options fit your style, seek other creative options! Printing polaroids can be expensive, and buying 40 frames to put up every picture individually would be even worse. Instead, I bought two bulletin boards from Walmart for $6 each! I hung them up on my wall vertically in the corner of my room and it’s been serving me well! You do not need to splurge in order to create your desired design.

Once you decide on how you will style your dream board, go ahead and print out your photos. You can print them on your own printer or send them to your nearest Walgreen’s for quick and inexpensive service!

Arrange your photos in a way that is satisfying to look at. Make them line up a specific way; organize them so they appeal to you. You want your dream board to be something you want to look at everyday as inspiration, so make it look exactly how you want it.

I hope this post was helpful in creating your perfect dream board! All photos on my dream board were taken from Pinterest

Xoxo, Jen

Things to do on a Sunday for a More Productive Week

Sundays are a blessing. A day to relax, or get things done- it’s a day for us. Sometimes Sundays are best for catching up on sleep, or that new Netflix show you started. But other times, we need Sundays to get a kick start for the week. It can be stressful deciding where to start or how crazy you should get- that’s why I’ve compiled a list of a few simple things to do every Sunday to help you ease into each week.


1.) Wash Your Sheets!

The oils on your face + hair get all over your pillowcases. Plus- if you sleep with your makeup on (I hope not) that will be added onto that as well- yuck! Washing these will help you have healthier + happier skin as well as make you feel more fresh!

2.) Sit Down and Plan

Actually sit down and plan your week. Find time- even just 15 minutes for just you, and plan everything out. Whether it’s in a planner (I recommend this one, and it’s on sale right now!) or just writing it down on a sheet of paper to carry in your purse or leave on your vanity. Doing this every Sunday will help clear your mind.

3.) Set Your Budget

If you’re like me and get caught getting Chinese food everyday, this one will be very important for you. Keeping track of how much you’re spending and how much you WANT to spend, is extremely important. Budgeting can get tedious, confusing, and aggravating really quick- so just make a brief overview for the week. It can even be a spending goal. Maybe pick one day each week to not spend at all, or make it a goal not to impulse buy! (I struggle with this one!)

4.) Do Your Laundry!

Sundays are the perfect laundry days. Wash all of your clothes. Sometimes we’ll just do one load because we don’t feel like it- but starting the week with a full closet is a great feeling!

5.) Wash Your Makeup Brushes

This is so important! This goes with my first thing- dirt and bacteria will get locked in your brushes, and your skin will pay the price! Take care of your brushes to preserve them and your skin!

6.) Study! Study! Study!

Spending the weekend away from classes will mess up your flow, so spending even 15 minutes to review will make Monday classes so much easier! I thought I would be fine without doing this, but then Monday mornings would come and I would swear I hadn’t learned any of what my teacher was talking about. Finding 15 minutes to review will help your brain refresh and keep processing that information!

7.) Make a List of Calls/Errands

Even if it’s just on a sticky note, making a list of people you need to call and places you need to go, will save you those embarrassing moments after you forget! Be punctual and show people you care by getting these things done before you forget or have to procrastinate.

8.) Clean Your Room

Having a clean environment will change your entire mindset for the week. Walking into a messy area will only distract you and stress you out more. Taking just 10 minutes of concentrated clean up, will immediately drop your stress levels. (Make your bed, put away your clothes away, vacuum the floor, etc.)

These are just a few examples of some things you can do to lead yourself into a more productive/stress free week. I hope this helps give you some new ideas on how to be more proactive!

Xoxo, Jen

How to Goal Plan Like a #GirlBoss

How To Goal Plan .jpg

As promised from my last post, here is my 2018 Planning/Goal Planning routine! This routine is inspired by the youtuber Kalyn Nicholson from her “Plan With Me” video (I highly recommend watching this!)

To start off, I bought a new notebook from Michael’s (that matched my planner of course!) This notebook’s sole purpose is for goal planning only.

In Kalyn Nicholson’s video, she used the first page in her notebook to write her “Resolutions, Goals, and Priorities”. She made the point that resolutions and goals and different in the fact that resolutions are more so habits we are trying to install into our everyday lives whereas goals are something we reach once and then they’re over. This is why it’s important to separate each of these. My page looks a little something like this:

I listed my goals on the next page since there are quite a few! I created this page on January 1st before I made my full routine, so this was just a few things!

After creating this page, I’ll admit I had no idea where to go with it. Honestly- all of January consisted of me installing a few healthy habits into my life; which was helpful and a good start, but didn’t really correlate to any of my actual goals.

Now that February has started, I have worked out a goal plan routine that ties everything together perfectly!

How to Goal Plan Like a #GirlBoss :

Step 1: List Your Priorities

Pick 3 things that you really want to focus on this year. What big projects do you have? What needs improvement? For me I chose Education, Career, and Health.

Step 2: List Your Goals

After listing your 3 major priorities, make a list of goals for each priority. If your priority is health, the maybe some goals would be to workout 5 times a week, or make the change to go vegan or vegetarian. If your priority is education, getting a 4.0 gpa could be one of your goals. List as many as you can, and be specific!

Step 3: Make Your Resolutions

Think: what things could you do daily that would help you reach your goals? Try to find one resolution to fit each goal. If your goal for health is to wake up energized each morning, make a resolution to go to bed by 10pm every night, or get 8 hours of sleep.

I chose 5 resolutions for each category. If you saw my last post which I’ll link here, I showed my 2018 goal planner, which includes a habit tracker!

This is the key tool to goal planning success- track everything and hold yourself accountable! See visually what things are working for you, and what things you’re slacking on. You can find habit trackers anywhere online to print off or you can easily make your own. Coincidentally, there’s 15 spots on this habit tracker, so I split it off into 3 sections of 5 to split up the resolutions for each of my 3 priorities. In addition to this, I also used different colored highlighters to help me better separate the categories.


This system has helped me accomplish so much in the past few weeks, and I’m so excited to continue shaping this routine and my goals. I hope this post was helpful in leading you towards personal growth and success!

Xoxo, Jen

Plan With Me 2018

Welcoming 2018 was such a relieving feeling. Knowing that a fresh start was among me was nothing short of inspirational. To cope with my excitement, I spent hours looking at new planners and watching YouTube videos on different techniques. Every year I try to buy a different planner, as I’m a firm believer in change; even seemingly simple change.

As 2017 ended, I had to retire my Happy Planner. Honestly I was excited to start fresh. My happy planner was a good creative project, but just ended in more stress for me. Instead of spending time planning I was spending that time decorating- not a productive use of my time.

After watching Kalyn Nicholson’s “Plan With Me” video on YouTube (I’ll link it right here) I was inspired to incorporate her system into my own this year. In addition to using her planner, her system involves using two different notebooks to goal plan and sort out basically everything in her life.

Although her set up is genius, obviously not all of it applies to me specifically. SO- I installed some of her ideas into my own system to hopefully sort out my life as well.


The first step was getting my new 2018 planner! (which is always my favorite event of the year) So I stopped at the holy land *Michaels* and picked up the Recollections Creative Year 2018 Goal Planner (unfortunately I could not find a link anywhere) Instead of being a simple monthly planner, this one is specifically centered towards planning your goals. I love this planner because it gives me no way to procrastinate ANYTHING.


The first page you see in the planner is a short and long term goal page. Since I am currently in the process of choosing where I want to go to college, my first set of goals are to help me make that final decision and break it off into smaller pieces.

Achievement Tracker

The second page I use to just track how the year is going and what big things are happening. The following page I do not have a picture of- but it has a box for each month to list your top 10 goals for each month. I absolutely love this to help split things up monthly- it definitely helps to have a goal timeline with deadlines!


Something I’ve always been obsessed with since I was little is having little morning and nighttime routines, so seeing this page made me super excited! The best part is that this page reappears at the beginning of each month so I can always change up my routines if something I tried to incorporate into my daily routines doesn’t end up working.

Here is a snapshot of last week’s plan. I had three college visits so I missed a few days of school! At first I was apprehensive about the horizontal planning layout (opposite of The Happy Planner) but I realized that everything seems to fit just fine. To the left side of each box I list my daily events/tasks, and on the right side I write in my shifts for work and anything school related. The entire right column is dedicated to my weekly to-do’s. I decided that instead of picking three tasks a day, that I would use the column for my weekly tasks altogether.

The monthly calendar is pretty basic so I won’t show it- on there I put birthdays, major events, and just anything important going on for the month!


Because my new system is a bit complicated, I’m going to split this post up into two posts- one for just my planner set up, and then next week I’ll post the goal planning part specifically because that will be a longer post. After next week I will link these two posts together so that they are easy to find. Be on the look out! 


xoxo, Jen