Habits for the #GirlBoss

Good morning everyone!

I’m not sure if any of you noticed butttttt I rebranded my blog! When I first created this blog, I had a completely different vision on what I wanted it to be about- honestly I was just so stoked with the idea to even start one that I just threw everything together without much thought; I assumed at some point I would just figure it out. I’ve always been so intrigued and passionate about the term girl boss. It’s so freaking cool to me that women are becoming more empowered in their goals and passions. For me specifically it resonates more deeply with my passion for women in business; now that’s powerful. With that being said, instead of just creating a #GirlBoss series, I decided that I’d much rather revolve my blog solely on that term since frankly, I just have too much to say about it. So here it goes, my first post for all of you girl bosses!

As we all know, being successful means having a system of habits in place to manifest the success we want. For some people, that just means having their morning coffee. For others, that may include a 50 step routine. Whatever your daily rituals are, or if you have none at all and need inspiration- I have a list of all of my favorite habits and rituals that have impacted my productivity throughout the day!

Habits for the #GirlBoss :

1.) Podcasts

Nothing is more inspiring and motivating to me than listening to other empowered people. Last year I put it in my habit tracker to listen to a podcast every day, and it quickly became something I looked forward to that I no longer had to try to fit into my schedule; I listened to a podcast anytime I had the chance. I would listen to them while I got ready, while driving to school/work, or while I was making myself dinner. Some of my favorites are Kalyn’s Coffee Talk, The School of Greatness, The Life Coach School Podcast, and Your Kick Ass Life Podcast. I highly highly recommend each of these! Give them a listen!

2.) Reading Everyday

I’m a firm believer in the fact that people can’t hate reading, they can only simply hate what they are reading. Knowledge is power! I’m not talking about reading a fiction book, or your favorite mystery (although those are fun to read too!) I’m talking about reading books that along with podcasts will be inspiring and will give you things you can relate to and apply to your everyday life. Some of my favorite books are: “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero (literally a game changer) and “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert.

3.) Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude Journaling changed my life last year. Anytime I heard anyone talk about it I would roll my eyes; I thought it was so cheesy. I figured that gratitude journaling meant sitting down and writing “okay I’m thankful for my friends, my family, and my dog” and I didn’t understand the meaning behind it. After so many influencers I looked up to mentioned the power of gratitude journaling, I decided to give it a try. At first I would open my notebook and write “Things I am grateful for” and would write things like my dogs, my friends, you know- the basics. Then I started getting more specific with things like specific people, the opportunities I have to go to school and work, the little things that bring me joy like coffee, a good book, fresh air. The more you write the more you realize things that make life so great. Starting the day like that is just so refreshing and I feel is such a necessity for every #GirlBoss

4.) Meditation

No I’m not talking about crossing your legs, sitting up straight with your eyes closed while simultaneously saying “ahhhhhmmmmm” until you run out of breath. I’m not exactly sure how this image of meditation was implanted in each of our minds, but that’s not what meditation is at all! Meditation means sitting in silence, and creating a balance between your mind and your body. Even just sitting for 5 minutes everyday and focusing on your breathing and shutting down your thoughts can change your entire day. If sitting in complete silence isn’t your thing, or if you are curious about meditation but have no idea where to start, apps like Headspace have guided meditations that talk you through your thoughts and your breathing techniques.

5.) Maintaining a Clean Environment

I can’t stress enough how important this is! There is so much science behind our environments impacting our stress and productivity levels. A messy environment = a messy mind. Spending 5-10 minutes daily just putting things back where they belong will highly impact your day. For me personally, I cannot last more than 5 minutes in a messy environment otherwise I feel like my head is going to explode. Besides it just stressing me out, it reminds me that I now have even more things to do. Keeping a tidy environment is a key habit for success.

These are all of my favorite habits that I find keep me the most productive and successful. What are your daily rituals? Let me know in the comments! I’ll see you all in my next post!





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