My Intentions for 2019.

Hello everyone!

It’s nearing 4:30pm on a Monday and I will say it’s been a highly productive day. I started my February habit tracker early, so I’ve spent the day trying to catch up and make time for each of those habits. I also spent a few hours studying in between classes today and honestly- it’s extremely depressing how the more work I do, the more left I feel I have to do. Hopefully this week I stay as productive and motivated as I am today!

I want to talk about my intentions for the new year. 2018 was full of productivity, inspiration, and achieving goals. It seems as though all of the even numbered years tend to go the best for me, does anyone else feel that way too? 2019 being an odd numbered year scares me a little bit, so I’m hoping that by changing my mindset and goals for the year, that this will still be another highly successful year for me and all of you as well! That being said, my main focus for this year is based on personal growth and discovery. I want to work on stepping out of my comfort zone, trying new things, expanding my mind, and learning as much as I can about myself and the world. There’s so many things I want to research and learn about. I also want to spend a lot of time here- right on my blog. I want to reach this community the best I can, which means focusing a lot of my time and energy here.

Something I also want to do this year is focus on mantras. A mantra is a small saying that you mediate on- something that motivates you while also bringing you peace. My mantras for 2019 are Manifest and to copy Kalyn Nicholson’s mantra, “Flow over Force“.  I am a firm believer in the law of attraction; that you can manifest anything you put into the universe. Meditating on the mantra Manifest means reminding myself of my personal goals and that I can manifest anything into my life and make it real. It’s a reminder that brings me peace by reminding me that the future I want for myself and the personal growth I want to see in myself is only as far as I imagine it to be. As for my second mantra Flow over Force, this resonates with me deeply because it is a peaceful reminder in any stressful situation. When making any decision on how to act or approach a situation, reminding myself this will make me step back and choose peace over aggression, calmness over anxiety, and will relax my nerves a bit so that I can think clearly.

I want to take this next year for me- to teach myself to live for today, as cheesy as that sounds. I’m the type that is always looking at the next big thing to do- and although being so future minded is a good thing, it easily causes me to lose sight of the most important part of any big plan- the present. I already have a ton of big projects planned for 2020, which means I need to spend this year preparing myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Taking a step back isn’t always a bad thing! Sometimes you need to do so in order to prepare yourself for something bigger.

Do you have any mantras? What are your goals for 2019? Drop a comment!




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