Making Your Dreams a Reality

When I explain to people how I goal plan, they are instantly either impressed or freaked out. Some people don’t even know what “goal planning” is. People can be skeptical about goal planning because they may believe it’s easiest to live in the present and not worry about the future at all. Of course it’s important to learn gratitude and grounding of the present- but you can still prepare and push for the future without dwelling on it. If you’re the kind of person that has avoided goal planning because you think you won’t achieve anything and leave yourself more disappointed, this post is for you!

I can definitely say I’m obsessed with goal planning. Being a young person in today’s society, I have to learn to rely on myself to make my dreams happen. Since I’m so young, planning for the future inspires and motivates me to keep pushing forward since I am not where I want to be yet. When we’re in seasons of our lives where we’re stuck in an unideal situation- maybe you have a car that runs but it’s not your dream car, maybe you’re living with your parents and are desperate to get out on your own, or maybe you are in college and are also working 2 jobs just trying to make it to your dream job- we get caught dreaming and wishing. All of these scenarios have something in common- they all belong to people who want more for themselves. Having just the thought and inspiration to better yourself or your life is the biggest step. Simply just wanting.

The next step is knowing why you want this. Will this really better you? Do you have the right intentions for yourself? Can you make this happen? Ask yourself these questions. Now ask yourself what you can do next. Maybe your car is a piece of garbage. What are your options? Sell now and buy a slightly better car? Save for a year or two and invest in something you love? Can you afford a new car? Would you take out a lease? Is it an emergency? How much would you need to save? Actively thinking about your next step and just the idea in itself will help manifest that dream.

So you’ve put some thought into your dream. Now what? Talk to someone! Even if it’s a distant dream, or a seemingly “embarrassing” dream- you will fuel that passion so much quicker by pouring it out to someone. Getting support from other people will boost your confidence and show you that you can make it happen. Having a support system also includes accountability. Having another person to talk to about your dreams and goals will create a creative bond with that person. The more you talk about your dreams, the more real they become.

Now that you’ve chosen to think and talk about your dream, the next step is to act. Map it out. When do you want this dream to manifest into your life? Make a time frame. If your goal is to save $3000 for your dream vacation, pick a date you want to have the money by. It can even be a random date. Having this date will make you hold yourself accountable and create a realistic time line.

Now split it into 2-3 blocks of time. Maybe your date is exactly one year from today. So for your first block which could be 3 months from today you’d want to have saved $1000. And then the second block which would be 6 months from now you’d have $2000 saved and so on. This makes it split up more so it seems more achievable. Now within those blocks, think of what tasks and mini goals you need to tackle and plan for. Maybe that means getting a second job and changing your budgeting system so that a larger percentage of your money goes to savings instead of spending money. Maybe that means simply creating a budget if you don’t have one yet. Completing these mini goals will keep you on your path to reaching your goals and building confidence to tackle the next block.

There will be times when you get a little off your path; when you lose a bit of confidence or time. You might lose that initial inspiration, or maybe this dream entails more than you thought. A key solution that always helps is to create a dream board. I’ve written posts about this before which I will link at the bottom- but it’s basically a visual representation of your dreams and goals. It can be pictures glued into a notebook, an arrangement of framed pictures on a wall, maybe even just a pinterest board to look at. The point is that seeing a visual representation of your dream will light that spark again by reminding you why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place.

Going after your dreams is exciting! It can get stressful sometimes but once you start moving, it will be hard to stop that momentum.

What are some of your goals? What are you having a hard time tackling? Leave a comment!


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