A Year Ago Today

I saw a post done by Angela from Life of Angela where she looked at her goals from last year and compared them to where she is today- if she accomplished them or if she went on a different path. If you’re interested in reading her post which I highly recommend, click here ! Give her a follow and like her post, it would mean a lot to me! I found her post so interesting that I decided to do something like that myself! I loved the idea of this post so much because I love hearing the stories that people have and sharing growth is such a magical thing for me.


So let me start by sharing where I was last year; what my day to day life was like, if I was content, and what I was currently involved in during that time. The Spring of 2017 was rough but led me to the best period of life I believe I’ve been in, which is my life right now. My living situation during this time last year was completely different. I was super unhappy and felt unfairly pulled by my divorced parents. I love them both to death of course, but switching between houses every other day was a little ridiculous and took a pretty big toll on me. I had started my blog at the end of 2016 which was really difficult to balance my time doing that while also switching between houses, studying for school, and spending time with my friends, family, and boyfriend. I was very overwhelmed all of the time, and taking on so much made me prioritize my own time and take myself more seriously. My blog became a huge confidence builder for me since I had to teach myself everything about technology, editing photos, and organization. I was very proud of my hard work, and I loved how much of a creative outlet my blog was. May was also the month I told my parents I was only picking one house to live at, and that I couldn’t keep switching around like I had done for so long. That choice that I had put off for so many years due to a lack of courage gave me the courage and empowerment I needed to fully be myself and to create true balance within my social and work life.

Now let me share some of my goals I had set for myself to accomplish this year-

One of the goals I had was to simply start blogging consistently- and have more than one follower. I also had just started my instagram, and I was only getting about 10 likes on each of my photos. Since I had just started blogging, I wasn’t really sure what my niche was or what a niche itself even was. I had no knowledge whatsoever on blogging or using technology or anything,

Another goal I had was to start working out and doing yoga regularly. I used to go to yoga classes 2-3x a day which sounds excessive but I loved it so much! It started getting expensive and after I moved the drive was just too far so I just stopped going. I wanted to start doing yoga at home and getting an actual gym membership to workout at but because I was scared to stand out, I kept putting it off.

One thing I wanted to work on was my health. I had never had a bad diet; I eat fairly healthy. I was inspired to eat even healthier- whether that meant just eating more veggies or going on a raw/plant based diet. I knew I needed to drink more water as well, and I really needed to focus on skincare. I felt like I had no knowledge of anything in the food/fitness/skincare world, and I was dying to change that!

Where I Am Now

I think a some important things to practice everyday to help better yourself and your future is gratitude and reflection. Whether you want to tie that into meditation or not is up to you, but taking a few minutes to think of where you are now and where you want to be are critical to personal growth. This year alone, I’ve tackled so much and have put myself on a path to exactly where I need to be- and the best part is that I now know how to get there. Last Spring I was blogging all of the time, and spending hours a day planning and working on projects. When summer came I thought I would be working on even more since I’d have more free time- but that never happened. Once school started up again I got back into blogging, and I decided to change things up a bit. I revamped everything and created a new schedule for myself. When January hit this year, I went a little crazy with planning. I went and bought myself the Recollections Goal Plannerfrom Michael’s (Which is currently on sale for $17!) and spent hours filling in the endless goal planning pages. I mapped out everything! Everyday I check in my goal planner to get my head in the right place. Using this planner and holding myself accountable for my goals has led me to accomplish so many things!

Things I’ve Accomplished So Far:

So far this year alone I’ve: Picked out a college to attend, bought a new laptop, redid my room, doubled my income, started up my instagram, revamped my blog, read 10 books, and now have so many partnership opportunities just because I took the jump to try new things!

As far as mental/personal growth, I’ve become more confident. I used to question everything I did and wonder what the people around me would think, but now I couldn’t care less! If you want to be any sort of creator or participate in any freelance work, your path to success is cutting off that judgement. At school I’ll take out my planner, all of my highlighters, and my 6 notebooks I work in, and get right to it. People give me weird looks as they peer from their phones, and that’s fine!

Another thing I’ve learned is how to work with a routine. I’ve always loved working off of a routine, but I get sick of routine very quickly. What I’ve learned is to create a routine of things centered around needs. If you don’t need to do it- don’t.

I’ve completed a few challenges this year such as:

• The March 4:30am Wakeup Challenge

• The March 4am Wakeup Challenge

• The May Cooking Challenge

If I told myself last year I’d be waking up before 5am everyday, I would probably pass out! There’s no way I would’ve had the motivation to start even any challenge last year.

In terms of daily habits, here’s what I’ve incorporated into my everyday routine:

  • Taking my makeup off before bed
  • Eating at least (1) fruit and (1) veggies
  • Exercising/Doing yoga
  • Making my bed
  • Reading a book
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Writing blog posts
  • Checking my email
  • Reading blog posts
  • Drinking 50oz. of water

Now let’s talk financials:

Last year I started my new job, and bought my first car. My car was purchased in full, so I had no monthly payments to deal with besides insurance. I worked enough to pay for my car and have a bit of money left for savings and leisure, but that was about it. This year so far I’ve already doubled my income, and I’m currently saving up for a new car and 2 trips with my boyfriend.

These are just a few things I’ve had going on this year, there’s so much more! Although my life is a lot busier this year, I’ve been accomplishing more than I could have imagined last year! Life can be so great and crazy and exciting if you make it that way! Everything I did this year was nothing anyone told me to do, or handed me money to do. I’ve learned the hard way that no one is interested in self pity, and no one is going to hand you success. I’ve learned being proactive in my own life is the only way to create real happiness and success in my life!


Sorry that this was such a long post, I hope you all enjoyed it! How have you excelled this year? What things did you accomplish that surprised you? What are you still hoping to accomplish? Leave a comment!

Have a great week everyone! Xoxo,



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