May Goals

Happy spring everyone!! May is here! I am super excited for the weather to get warmer so I can take my yoga and meditation outside as well as take the pups for walks and adventures. Since last month was a small set back for me, I have a ton planned for this month to get me back on track and add in that momentum. I have so many great posts and projects that I’m excited to share with you all!

May Goals

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If you have read some of my past goal planning posts, you probably know that I split my goals into three groups of five. Normally they fall into Education, Blog, and Health/Personal. Since most of my college to do’s are done- I’ve shifted it to Mindfullness, Blog, and Health.

Priority 1- Mindfullness


1.) Practice Gratitude

My favorite part of my morning routine is writing in my gratitude journal! It’s so nice to start the day off in a happy way by thinking about all of the great things happening in our lives and in the world around us.

2.) Find My Zen

I really want to meditate and do yoga more, and I’m really interested in researching the moon phases!

3.) Learn Something New

I like to make sure that everyday I’m learning something new- knowledge is power!

4.) Relax!

So much of my planner consists of things I love doing, but it’s all work related. I definitely prioritize self care, but I’m not good at scheduling myself time for leisure. I love watching the show Friends and I want to make it a goal to have time for an episode every day!

5.) Do Enjoyable Things

As I was saying before, I want to do more simple enjoyable things! Another thing I want to make time for is music. I listen to so many podcasts and youtube videos that I never enjoy just jamming out!


1.) Write in gratitude journal

2.) Meditate

3.) Read

4.) Watch an episode on Netflix

5.) Discover new music


Priority 2- Blog


1.) Keep Email Clean

I check my email once a day but I hate organizing emails!

2.) Post 2x a Week

This is a month long/weekly goal- I want to stay consistent so that I can hopefully post 3-4x a week next month!

3.) Record Blog Stats

I love recording my growth as a blogger so this is very important to me!!

4.) Keep Myself on Track

I’m good at holding myself accountable for things, but sometimes I have minor setbacks and lose my groove!


1.) Check business email

2.) Take notes

3.) Work on a blog post

4.) Record blog stats

5.) Goal plan


Priority 3- Health


1.) Wake Up Earlier

For the month of March I did a 4:30am challenge and I want to bring that back! I love the feeling of being up early and getting extra work done before my day starts! I’m hoping to wake up 4am this time for the entire month!

2.) Prioritize Sleep

One of the biggest reasons why I stopped the 4:30am challenge was because I couldn’t commit my schedule to an earlier bedtime. Now that the busy month of April is over, I can get back to a full 7-8 hours of sleep!

3.) Spend More Time in the Kitchen

I love cooking, I really do! Buuuuttt…I don’t have time. Since this month is very open for me, I’m taking advantage of it by starting a 20 day cooking challenge! There will be a blog post about this so stay tuned!

4.) Get Fit!

I’ve always been very healthy and active, but I really want to push myself this month in terms of my diet and exercising!


1.) Wake up at 4am

2.) In bed by 10pm

3.) Cooking challenge

4.) Exercise/Yoga

5.) Take Restore drink


These are all of my goals/resolutions for the month of May! I have so many awesome posts coming up so make sure to check in every Tuesday and Saturday so you don’t miss any!

Comment below some of your goals for this month, what are you currently working towards? Have a wonderful week everyone!



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