Spring Reading List for the #GirlBoss

Happy spring everyone! Unfortunately the weather is still absolutely terrible where I live, but I’m remaining optimistic! Spring is normally a very wet and gloomy season, which calls for lots of reading! I’ve been super inspired lately by some very empowering women: Andrea Owen, Kalyn Nicholson and Brooke Castillo which have all led me to read a lot more. I’ve been on such a learning kick! I even picked up another notebook from Michael’s to add to my set for purely taking notes and writing down some good quotes. I feel like spring is an amazing time of year to take a step back and do a lot of learning and reflection. Spring brings a lot of rain and cloudiness so what better way to enjoy it than by curling up with a good book? So my friends, I want to share my 2018 Spring Reading List (for the #girlboss) with you all!


I first want to start off by listing a few books I have already/am currently reading, and then I’ll share the rest of the books that I am planning to read. One of my goals this month was to read (3) books so I’m focusing a lot on prioritizing reading!

1.) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey

I read this book in January and a few years ago as well, and I feel like this book is essential as a starting point. This book is extremely motivating and gets you to work on your behaviors, habits, and mindset which is crucial to work on before anything else. It got a bit too youthful for me at some points but overall it was a good read! I would give it about a 7/10 !

2.) You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

This book is an absolute classic! I could not stop reading this! This is one of those books that make you feel like the author is speaking directly at you and your life personally which made this book hard to put down! This book is incredibly empowering and inspirational. I would read this book 1000 times over. I would easily rate this book a 10/10 !

3.) Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

In school we just finished writing our thesis papers, and I was assigned to write on the topic of happiness in today’s society. I was required to read this book for my paper, and I was incredibly surprised by how interesting and enjoyable this book was. Mitch Albom tells the story of his conversations with his dying college professor and the life advice he gave him was just so moving. I highly recommend this book; 9/10 !

4.) Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho

Calling all bloggers! This one is for you! This book is extremely helpful for any blogger no matter how far along you are in your blogging journey. Anyone whether you are a new small blogger or someone who is experienced in the blogging world can get something out of this book. Joey interviews a handful of successful bloggers/companies about how they became successful and what makes them so unique. He includes information on how affiliate marketing works, down to how to file your taxes once your blog hits it off. I would rate this book an 8/10 !

Now onto my list of books to read throughout the season:

1.) 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo by Bryan Allain

2.) The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

3.) 52 Ways to Live a Kickass Life by Andrea Owen

4.) How to Stop Feelings Like Shit by Andrea Owen

5.) The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

6.) How Emotions are Made by Lisa Feldman Barrett

7.) Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I am so excited to start reading some of these books so I can give you guys some little reviews! Comment below and tell me what books you are planning on reading this spring!

Xoxo, Jen


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