Finding Inspiration

Sometimes we hit seasons in our lives where the inspiration or spark disappears and our dreams become farther away from us than ever. These periods can last from weeks to months and they can easily lead us way off of our track. If that’s you right now- keep reading!

When I lose my little spark of inspiration whether it be for work, school, or life itself- I immediately freak out and feel hopeless and lost. I’m always used to having a plan- that’s what I’m good at. So when that plan changes or I realize I was meant to be on a different path, I know I need to come up with something new and fast. Sometimes I just wake up one week feeling all of the sudden like things are…off ; so I’ll feel tired and lazy and miserable for no reason. That’s when we need inspiration the most!

1.) Understand Why

The very first and most important thing to do is to recognize what your goals are. If you don’t know them yet, read my past blog post about it here. Now take a look at your list of goals, dream board, or even just your pinterest boards. Visualize your dream life. Maybe even just where you see yourself next year or in a few months. Landing a new job, starting college, or even buying a new apartment. Remembering why we’re doing what we’re doing and giving ourselves a reason to keep moving is what will give us the biggest push in feel motivated and inspired again.

2.) Find a New Voice

One of the biggest things that have helped me is finding new role models and new people that inspire me. Listening to new podcasts or discovering new bloggers always gives me a new perspective on life. Make a list of your current role models. These can be your favorite Youtubers, authors, or even just empowering people in your life whether that’s your mom, a mentor, or teacher. Now write why each of them inspire you. Recently I discovered Andrea Owen’s podcast “Your Kickass Life” and I’ve been binge listening to her podcast episodes every single day while I’m in the car or just getting ready for work. Last week I went to Barnes and Noble and bought both of her books! Finding a new voice has helped me get a new perspective and has led me to create a new mindset.

3.) Try Something New

The easiest way to find inspiration is to get out and do something! Go out with those people in your life that you always say you’ll make plans with but never do; you’ll be surprised how these people could end up as your closest friends. Maybe try something you’ve always wanted to do yet have felt ashamed or embarrassed about, whether that’s a dance or cooking class you’ve been curious about. Change some of your daily habits. If you’re a night owl, wake up early. If you shower first thing in the morning try showering before bed. Try that new diet you’ve been putting off. Grab a friend and head to the gym like you’ve been meaning to. Creating healthy change is the quickest way to seek inspiration.

4.) Change Your Environment

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve felt like a new person after just simply rearranging or redecorating my room. Doing something as simple as moving your bed to the other side of the room will make you instantly feel more refreshed and will make your brain become more adaptive and creative. If you work from home or do most of your studying in your room, take your work outside or to a coffee shop. Finding a new area to think and relax will give you a new perspective. Take a day trip- or a vacation (if you can afford it!) Just getting away for a day or two will instantly change your mindset and freshen you up.

Xoxo, Jen


My blog graphic was taken by my talented boyfriend Jared Wright! Show him some love on:

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I love hearing from you guys! Leave a comment and tell me how you find your inspiration!


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