How I Organize My Phone

Seeing pages and pages full of unorganized apps makes me breathe heavy. That being said, you can probably guess pretty easily that I organize my apps constantly. One of the simplest ways to install healthy change in your life is by starting with small stuff- like your phone! Even though it may seem like an easy task, it can quickly become frustrating and confusing. Here’s a few of my best tips and tricks for organizing your phone!


My favorite way to organize my phone is by using folders only, and using only 4 per page. I have three pages of apps on my phone so I put 4 folders on each one that way it’s not an eye sore and I can also see my cute background!

My main screen looks like this. I have my messages and social media on the bottom for easy access. Keeping my pages organized with the least amount of apps/ folders as possible will help declutter your mind.

On my next page, I have my first four folders. The “Daily” folder holds all of my everyday apps that are crucial. Next I have my google folder, blog/work folder, and music folder. This page has only apps that I use often.

My next two pages are full of folders that aren’t used as often, but are still necessary. Having my phone organized this way has helped me to be on my phone less and stay productive. I’m constantly trying to delete more apps so that I can keep cutting down. Less is definitely more!

Xoxo, Jen


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