Things to do on a Sunday for a More Productive Week

Sundays are a blessing. A day to relax, or get things done- it’s a day for us. Sometimes Sundays are best for catching up on sleep, or that new Netflix show you started. But other times, we need Sundays to get a kick start for the week. It can be stressful deciding where to start or how crazy you should get- that’s why I’ve compiled a list of a few simple things to do every Sunday to help you ease into each week.


1.) Wash Your Sheets!

The oils on your face + hair get all over your pillowcases. Plus- if you sleep with your makeup on (I hope not) that will be added onto that as well- yuck! Washing these will help you have healthier + happier skin as well as make you feel more fresh!

2.) Sit Down and Plan

Actually sit down and plan your week. Find time- even just 15 minutes for just you, and plan everything out. Whether it’s in a planner (I recommend this one, and it’s on sale right now!) or just writing it down on a sheet of paper to carry in your purse or leave on your vanity. Doing this every Sunday will help clear your mind.

3.) Set Your Budget

If you’re like me and get caught getting Chinese food everyday, this one will be very important for you. Keeping track of how much you’re spending and how much you WANT to spend, is extremely important. Budgeting can get tedious, confusing, and aggravating really quick- so just make a brief overview for the week. It can even be a spending goal. Maybe pick one day each week to not spend at all, or make it a goal not to impulse buy! (I struggle with this one!)

4.) Do Your Laundry!

Sundays are the perfect laundry days. Wash all of your clothes. Sometimes we’ll just do one load because we don’t feel like it- but starting the week with a full closet is a great feeling!

5.) Wash Your Makeup Brushes

This is so important! This goes with my first thing- dirt and bacteria will get locked in your brushes, and your skin will pay the price! Take care of your brushes to preserve them and your skin!

6.) Study! Study! Study!

Spending the weekend away from classes will mess up your flow, so spending even 15 minutes to review will make Monday classes so much easier! I thought I would be fine without doing this, but then Monday mornings would come and I would swear I hadn’t learned any of what my teacher was talking about. Finding 15 minutes to review will help your brain refresh and keep processing that information!

7.) Make a List of Calls/Errands

Even if it’s just on a sticky note, making a list of people you need to call and places you need to go, will save you those embarrassing moments after you forget! Be punctual and show people you care by getting these things done before you forget or have to procrastinate.

8.) Clean Your Room

Having a clean environment will change your entire mindset for the week. Walking into a messy area will only distract you and stress you out more. Taking just 10 minutes of concentrated clean up, will immediately drop your stress levels. (Make your bed, put away your clothes away, vacuum the floor, etc.)

These are just a few examples of some things you can do to lead yourself into a more productive/stress free week. I hope this helps give you some new ideas on how to be more proactive!

Xoxo, Jen


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