Plan With Me 2018

Welcoming 2018 was such a relieving feeling. Knowing that a fresh start was among me was nothing short of inspirational. To cope with my excitement, I spent hours looking at new planners and watching YouTube videos on different techniques. Every year I try to buy a different planner, as I’m a firm believer in change; even seemingly simple change.

As 2017 ended, I had to retire my Happy Planner. Honestly I was excited to start fresh. My happy planner was a good creative project, but just ended in more stress for me. Instead of spending time planning I was spending that time decorating- not a productive use of my time.

After watching Kalyn Nicholson’s “Plan With Me” video on YouTube (I’ll link it right here) I was inspired to incorporate her system into my own this year. In addition to using her planner, her system involves using two different notebooks to goal plan and sort out basically everything in her life.

Although her set up is genius, obviously not all of it applies to me specifically. SO- I installed some of her ideas into my own system to hopefully sort out my life as well.


The first step was getting my new 2018 planner! (which is always my favorite event of the year) So I stopped at the holy land *Michaels* and picked up the Recollections Creative Year 2018 Goal Planner (unfortunately I could not find a link anywhere) Instead of being a simple monthly planner, this one is specifically centered towards planning your goals. I love this planner because it gives me no way to procrastinate ANYTHING.


The first page you see in the planner is a short and long term goal page. Since I am currently in the process of choosing where I want to go to college, my first set of goals are to help me make that final decision and break it off into smaller pieces.

Achievement Tracker

The second page I use to just track how the year is going and what big things are happening. The following page I do not have a picture of- but it has a box for each month to list your top 10 goals for each month. I absolutely love this to help split things up monthly- it definitely helps to have a goal timeline with deadlines!


Something I’ve always been obsessed with since I was little is having little morning and nighttime routines, so seeing this page made me super excited! The best part is that this page reappears at the beginning of each month so I can always change up my routines if something I tried to incorporate into my daily routines doesn’t end up working.

Here is a snapshot of last week’s plan. I had three college visits so I missed a few days of school! At first I was apprehensive about the horizontal planning layout (opposite of The Happy Planner) but I realized that everything seems to fit just fine. To the left side of each box I list my daily events/tasks, and on the right side I write in my shifts for work and anything school related. The entire right column is dedicated to my weekly to-do’s. I decided that instead of picking three tasks a day, that I would use the column for my weekly tasks altogether.

The monthly calendar is pretty basic so I won’t show it- on there I put birthdays, major events, and just anything important going on for the month!


Because my new system is a bit complicated, I’m going to split this post up into two posts- one for just my planner set up, and then next week I’ll post the goal planning part specifically because that will be a longer post. After next week I will link these two posts together so that they are easy to find. Be on the look out! 


xoxo, Jen


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