Picking out the Right Planner 

All the time I hear people telling me “No planner ever works for me so I just don’t use them!” NOT TRUE!! There’s so many types of planners out there , it’s practically impossible to have no type work for you! From the color, to size, to inner layout, there’s something bound to fit your needs. I won’t lie, sometimes it’s hard to find the right planner, but once you find it, it’s life changing!! After I tried out countless types of planners, I finally found my match! Hopefully now through my experience I can help you all better find your specific planner type to fit your needs. With my help, you won’t have to quit on anymore planners!

The first type of planner that I’m going to mention is the bullet journal. The bullet journal has grid-style pages that are completely blank, which yes, means you do all of the work. For some this is good if:

  • You have the time to create pages every week
  • You have specific needs for a planner that you feel only you can create
  • You prefer to do your own designs/colors

I will admit from experience that for me personally, it was hard to keep up with after awhile because I would forget to make the next week’s pages and I would get frustrated and just stop using it! If you’re like me then this is probably not the kind of planner for you! If you’re interested in this planner and want to know more about it, you can read my other blog post dedicated to bullet journals here.


The second type I want to talk about is the paragraph style. This is an open style that just shows the date, and then a bunch of lines creating a “paragraph”. This is good for some if:

  • You are just starting to use a planner
  • You enjoy simplicity
  • You just want to jot a few things down

This is one of the most popular styles that most people use. If you’ve read my past blog posts where I’ve spoke about the two planners I use, one of them is a paragraph style planner which I use for school. It’s good for school because I just jot a few assignments down throughout the day and I’m good to go!


The third type of planner I want to talk about is the day planner. These planners have vertical columns displaying each day so that you can better separate your day. Some have hours listed on them, and others are just blank, it’s up to you! This is good for you if:

  • You have a split up schedule
  • You need a planner for work where you can list meetings/appointments/etc
  • You have a very busy life
  • You need a planner that will keep up with you

For me personally, I’ve found that this planner works the best for me! This is the Happy Planner and I’m in love with it. I always have a lot going on and staring at so many words in one spot gets distracting and overwhelming so this is the best because it splits everything up to where it makes sense to me. I used to think that all day planners were labeled hourly which I didn’t need because a lot of my plans and to-do’s don’t have specific times so I never bought one until recently when I realized all of this time I was wrong!


I hope this post has helped you in some way to understand the style of planner that fits you best! If you still are unsure what would work or you’re torn between two styles, try printing some free pages online each for one week, and test them out! That way you aren’t wasting any money and you can have a little test run with it!




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