Spring Reading List for the #GirlBoss

Happy spring everyone! Unfortunately the weather is still absolutely terrible where I live, but I'm remaining optimistic! Spring is normally a very wet and gloomy season, which calls for lots of reading! I've been super inspired lately by some very empowering women: Andrea Owen, Kalyn Nicholson and Brooke Castillo which have all led me to... Continue Reading →


April Goals

Spring is finally here! Even though the weather in Buffalo still isn't warm or very pleasant, just knowing that better weather is on the way makes me feel so inspired and motivated! That being said, I've been super excited to sit down and map out my goals for April, as well as take a second... Continue Reading →

Finding Inspiration

Sometimes we hit seasons in our lives where the inspiration or spark disappears and our dreams become farther away from us than ever. These periods can last from weeks to months and they can easily lead us way off of our track. If that's you right now- keep reading! When I lose my little spark... Continue Reading →

How I Organize My Phone

Seeing pages and pages full of unorganized apps makes me breathe heavy. That being said, you can probably guess pretty easily that I organize my apps constantly. One of the simplest ways to install healthy change in your life is by starting with small stuff- like your phone! Even though it may seem like an... Continue Reading →

Creating Your Dream Board

Goal planning can fail when you forget what you're even working for in the first place, and why. If you're a heavy Pinterest addict like me, you might have a board called "GOALS" or "Dream Life" that you fawn over daily. Having a visual representation/reminder of your goals will create an endless inspiration and passion... Continue Reading →

How to Goal Plan Like a #GirlBoss

As promised from my last post, here is my 2018 Planning/Goal Planning routine! This routine is inspired by the youtuber Kalyn Nicholson from her "Plan With Me" video (I highly recommend watching this!) To start off, I bought a new notebook from Michael's (that matched my planner of course!) This notebook's sole purpose is for... Continue Reading →

Plan With Me 2018

Welcoming 2018 was such a relieving feeling. Knowing that a fresh start was among me was nothing short of inspirational. To cope with my excitement, I spent hours looking at new planners and watching YouTube videos on different techniques. Every year I try to buy a different planner, as I’m a firm believer in change;... Continue Reading →

Creating Your Morning Routine 

Morning routines are looked at as an endless list of to-do's and waking up at 4am to do yoga or plan, but there's a REALISTIC morning routine that can work for you!  Let's be real here- we've ALL tried some crazy routine at some point that lasted for one day and we hated every second... Continue Reading →

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