Summer in the City

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a little different- I teamed up with Charter Bus Company New York to create a list on fun summer events to take part in! If you are not from or around NYC these can still apply to you as most cities host similar events at different dates! If you like these types of posts please leave a comment and let me know!


5 Summer Events in NYC

Summer in New York City is a magical time! At times, it seemed like this past winter would never end. There is an incredible line up of events and celebrations to consider taking part in the summer time. Here are five parties you aren’t going to want to miss out on! If you’re looking for a transportation solution for your trip, head over to Charter Bus Company New York.

June 15 – Diana Vs Donna: A Summer Dance Party at C’mon Everybody

Are you a fan of disco and soul music from back in the day? Head over to C’mon Everybody in Brooklyn to celebrate the music of Diana Ross and Donna Summer. The DJ Manchildblack will be spinning oldies all night long with other special guests. Tickets are only $5 in advance and $8 at the door.

June 23 – Green City at Industry City

This beer festival is organized by Other Half Brewing, and it’s sure to be a lot of fun. There will be nearly 50 breweries pouring beers here including rare cellar pours. Food vendors will be plating up delicious dishes and the merch store will be fully stocked with glassware, clothing, and other goodies. There will be live entertainment in the form of the New York Wrestling Connection, so prepare to have fun sitting ring side with a beer!

June 24 – PrideFest at University Place

This annual street festival celebrates equality. NYC PrideFest is 25 years old this year, and it draws tourists from all over the country! This year will be hosted by Ross Matthews with special performances by Alex Newell from the hit show Glee. The VIP tickets include special views of the main stage, dedicated bathrooms, and first dibs on food and beverage vendors.

July 27 – 29 : Panorama Music Festival at Randall’s Island Park

The line up for this years Panorama Music Festival includes huge names like The Weeknd, Migos, Janet Jackson, SZA, and the Killers. There will be state of the art interactive exhibits celebrating NYC based artists, a variety of cuisines in the food area, and a club in the middle of it all called “The Point”.

August 4 – August 18 : Summer Streets

On each Saturday from the 4th to the 18th, corridors that connect Central Park to Brooklyn Bridge and parts of Lafayette Street and Park Avenue will be closed to vehicles. The event route is about seven miles long! Whether you want to bike in the streets, take a stroll, or dance and socialize…this is an event you want to check out. There will be live music, a water slide, climbing wall, and even a zip line.


If you attend or are interested in any of these events, leave a comment! I’d love to hear about all of your interests. Also, leave a comment on your favorite summer activities so that you can also give ideas to others. Make sure to head on over to the Charter Bus Company New York website for more information on other events and pricing, or give them a call at 516-847-5620 to give you and your friends the best experience in NYC!



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Making Your Dreams a Reality

When I explain to people how I goal plan, they are instantly either impressed or freaked out. Some people don’t even know what “goal planning” is. People can be skeptical about goal planning because they may believe it’s easiest to live in the present and not worry about the future at all. Of course it’s important to learn gratitude and grounding of the present- but you can still prepare and push for the future without dwelling on it. If you’re the kind of person that has avoided goal planning because you think you won’t achieve anything and leave yourself more disappointed, this post is for you!

I can definitely say I’m obsessed with goal planning. Being a young person in today’s society, I have to learn to rely on myself to make my dreams happen. Since I’m so young, planning for the future inspires and motivates me to keep pushing forward since I am not where I want to be yet. When we’re in seasons of our lives where we’re stuck in an unideal situation- maybe you have a car that runs but it’s not your dream car, maybe you’re living with your parents and are desperate to get out on your own, or maybe you are in college and are also working 2 jobs just trying to make it to your dream job- we get caught dreaming and wishing. All of these scenarios have something in common- they all belong to people who want more for themselves. Having just the thought and inspiration to better yourself or your life is the biggest step. Simply just wanting.

The next step is knowing why you want this. Will this really better you? Do you have the right intentions for yourself? Can you make this happen? Ask yourself these questions. Now ask yourself what you can do next. Maybe your car is a piece of garbage. What are your options? Sell now and buy a slightly better car? Save for a year or two and invest in something you love? Can you afford a new car? Would you take out a lease? Is it an emergency? How much would you need to save? Actively thinking about your next step and just the idea in itself will help manifest that dream.

So you’ve put some thought into your dream. Now what? Talk to someone! Even if it’s a distant dream, or a seemingly “embarrassing” dream- you will fuel that passion so much quicker by pouring it out to someone. Getting support from other people will boost your confidence and show you that you can make it happen. Having a support system also includes accountability. Having another person to talk to about your dreams and goals will create a creative bond with that person. The more you talk about your dreams, the more real they become.

Now that you’ve chosen to think and talk about your dream, the next step is to act. Map it out. When do you want this dream to manifest into your life? Make a time frame. If your goal is to save $3000 for your dream vacation, pick a date you want to have the money by. It can even be a random date. Having this date will make you hold yourself accountable and create a realistic time line.

Now split it into 2-3 blocks of time. Maybe your date is exactly one year from today. So for your first block which could be 3 months from today you’d want to have saved $1000. And then the second block which would be 6 months from now you’d have $2000 saved and so on. This makes it split up more so it seems more achievable. Now within those blocks, think of what tasks and mini goals you need to tackle and plan for. Maybe that means getting a second job and changing your budgeting system so that a larger percentage of your money goes to savings instead of spending money. Maybe that means simply creating a budget if you don’t have one yet. Completing these mini goals will keep you on your path to reaching your goals and building confidence to tackle the next block.

There will be times when you get a little off your path; when you lose a bit of confidence or time. You might lose that initial inspiration, or maybe this dream entails more than you thought. A key solution that always helps is to create a dream board. I’ve written posts about this before which I will link at the bottom- but it’s basically a visual representation of your dreams and goals. It can be pictures glued into a notebook, an arrangement of framed pictures on a wall, maybe even just a pinterest board to look at. The point is that seeing a visual representation of your dream will light that spark again by reminding you why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place.

Going after your dreams is exciting! It can get stressful sometimes but once you start moving, it will be hard to stop that momentum.

What are some of your goals? What are you having a hard time tackling? Leave a comment!


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A Year Ago Today

I saw a post done by Angela from Life of Angela where she looked at her goals from last year and compared them to where she is today- if she accomplished them or if she went on a different path. If you’re interested in reading her post which I highly recommend, click here ! Give her a follow and like her post, it would mean a lot to me! I found her post so interesting that I decided to do something like that myself! I loved the idea of this post so much because I love hearing the stories that people have and sharing growth is such a magical thing for me.


So let me start by sharing where I was last year; what my day to day life was like, if I was content, and what I was currently involved in during that time. The Spring of 2017 was rough but led me to the best period of life I believe I’ve been in, which is my life right now. My living situation during this time last year was completely different. I was super unhappy and felt unfairly pulled by my divorced parents. I love them both to death of course, but switching between houses every other day was a little ridiculous and took a pretty big toll on me. I had started my blog at the end of 2016 which was really difficult to balance my time doing that while also switching between houses, studying for school, and spending time with my friends, family, and boyfriend. I was very overwhelmed all of the time, and taking on so much made me prioritize my own time and take myself more seriously. My blog became a huge confidence builder for me since I had to teach myself everything about technology, editing photos, and organization. I was very proud of my hard work, and I loved how much of a creative outlet my blog was. May was also the month I told my parents I was only picking one house to live at, and that I couldn’t keep switching around like I had done for so long. That choice that I had put off for so many years due to a lack of courage gave me the courage and empowerment I needed to fully be myself and to create true balance within my social and work life.

Now let me share some of my goals I had set for myself to accomplish this year-

One of the goals I had was to simply start blogging consistently- and have more than one follower. I also had just started my instagram, and I was only getting about 10 likes on each of my photos. Since I had just started blogging, I wasn’t really sure what my niche was or what a niche itself even was. I had no knowledge whatsoever on blogging or using technology or anything,

Another goal I had was to start working out and doing yoga regularly. I used to go to yoga classes 2-3x a day which sounds excessive but I loved it so much! It started getting expensive and after I moved the drive was just too far so I just stopped going. I wanted to start doing yoga at home and getting an actual gym membership to workout at but because I was scared to stand out, I kept putting it off.

One thing I wanted to work on was my health. I had never had a bad diet; I eat fairly healthy. I was inspired to eat even healthier- whether that meant just eating more veggies or going on a raw/plant based diet. I knew I needed to drink more water as well, and I really needed to focus on skincare. I felt like I had no knowledge of anything in the food/fitness/skincare world, and I was dying to change that!

Where I Am Now

I think a some important things to practice everyday to help better yourself and your future is gratitude and reflection. Whether you want to tie that into meditation or not is up to you, but taking a few minutes to think of where you are now and where you want to be are critical to personal growth. This year alone, I’ve tackled so much and have put myself on a path to exactly where I need to be- and the best part is that I now know how to get there. Last Spring I was blogging all of the time, and spending hours a day planning and working on projects. When summer came I thought I would be working on even more since I’d have more free time- but that never happened. Once school started up again I got back into blogging, and I decided to change things up a bit. I revamped everything and created a new schedule for myself. When January hit this year, I went a little crazy with planning. I went and bought myself the Recollections Goal Plannerfrom Michael’s (Which is currently on sale for $17!) and spent hours filling in the endless goal planning pages. I mapped out everything! Everyday I check in my goal planner to get my head in the right place. Using this planner and holding myself accountable for my goals has led me to accomplish so many things!

Things I’ve Accomplished So Far:

So far this year alone I’ve: Picked out a college to attend, bought a new laptop, redid my room, doubled my income, started up my instagram, revamped my blog, read 10 books, and now have so many partnership opportunities just because I took the jump to try new things!

As far as mental/personal growth, I’ve become more confident. I used to question everything I did and wonder what the people around me would think, but now I couldn’t care less! If you want to be any sort of creator or participate in any freelance work, your path to success is cutting off that judgement. At school I’ll take out my planner, all of my highlighters, and my 6 notebooks I work in, and get right to it. People give me weird looks as they peer from their phones, and that’s fine!

Another thing I’ve learned is how to work with a routine. I’ve always loved working off of a routine, but I get sick of routine very quickly. What I’ve learned is to create a routine of things centered around needs. If you don’t need to do it- don’t.

I’ve completed a few challenges this year such as:

• The March 4:30am Wakeup Challenge

• The March 4am Wakeup Challenge

• The May Cooking Challenge

If I told myself last year I’d be waking up before 5am everyday, I would probably pass out! There’s no way I would’ve had the motivation to start even any challenge last year.

In terms of daily habits, here’s what I’ve incorporated into my everyday routine:

  • Taking my makeup off before bed
  • Eating at least (1) fruit and (1) veggies
  • Exercising/Doing yoga
  • Making my bed
  • Reading a book
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Writing blog posts
  • Checking my email
  • Reading blog posts
  • Drinking 50oz. of water

Now let’s talk financials:

Last year I started my new job, and bought my first car. My car was purchased in full, so I had no monthly payments to deal with besides insurance. I worked enough to pay for my car and have a bit of money left for savings and leisure, but that was about it. This year so far I’ve already doubled my income, and I’m currently saving up for a new car and 2 trips with my boyfriend.

These are just a few things I’ve had going on this year, there’s so much more! Although my life is a lot busier this year, I’ve been accomplishing more than I could have imagined last year! Life can be so great and crazy and exciting if you make it that way! Everything I did this year was nothing anyone told me to do, or handed me money to do. I’ve learned the hard way that no one is interested in self pity, and no one is going to hand you success. I’ve learned being proactive in my own life is the only way to create real happiness and success in my life!


Sorry that this was such a long post, I hope you all enjoyed it! How have you excelled this year? What things did you accomplish that surprised you? What are you still hoping to accomplish? Leave a comment!

Have a great week everyone! Xoxo,


May Goals

Happy spring everyone!! May is here! I am super excited for the weather to get warmer so I can take my yoga and meditation outside as well as take the pups for walks and adventures. Since last month was a small set back for me, I have a ton planned for this month to get me back on track and add in that momentum. I have so many great posts and projects that I’m excited to share with you all!

May Goals

• goals, resolutions, to do’s •

If you have read some of my past goal planning posts, you probably know that I split my goals into three groups of five. Normally they fall into Education, Blog, and Health/Personal. Since most of my college to do’s are done- I’ve shifted it to Mindfullness, Blog, and Health.

Priority 1- Mindfullness


1.) Practice Gratitude

My favorite part of my morning routine is writing in my gratitude journal! It’s so nice to start the day off in a happy way by thinking about all of the great things happening in our lives and in the world around us.

2.) Find My Zen

I really want to meditate and do yoga more, and I’m really interested in researching the moon phases!

3.) Learn Something New

I like to make sure that everyday I’m learning something new- knowledge is power!

4.) Relax!

So much of my planner consists of things I love doing, but it’s all work related. I definitely prioritize self care, but I’m not good at scheduling myself time for leisure. I love watching the show Friends and I want to make it a goal to have time for an episode every day!

5.) Do Enjoyable Things

As I was saying before, I want to do more simple enjoyable things! Another thing I want to make time for is music. I listen to so many podcasts and youtube videos that I never enjoy just jamming out!


1.) Write in gratitude journal

2.) Meditate

3.) Read

4.) Watch an episode on Netflix

5.) Discover new music


Priority 2- Blog


1.) Keep Email Clean

I check my email once a day but I hate organizing emails!

2.) Post 2x a Week

This is a month long/weekly goal- I want to stay consistent so that I can hopefully post 3-4x a week next month!

3.) Record Blog Stats

I love recording my growth as a blogger so this is very important to me!!

4.) Keep Myself on Track

I’m good at holding myself accountable for things, but sometimes I have minor setbacks and lose my groove!


1.) Check business email

2.) Take notes

3.) Work on a blog post

4.) Record blog stats

5.) Goal plan


Priority 3- Health


1.) Wake Up Earlier

For the month of March I did a 4:30am challenge and I want to bring that back! I love the feeling of being up early and getting extra work done before my day starts! I’m hoping to wake up 4am this time for the entire month!

2.) Prioritize Sleep

One of the biggest reasons why I stopped the 4:30am challenge was because I couldn’t commit my schedule to an earlier bedtime. Now that the busy month of April is over, I can get back to a full 7-8 hours of sleep!

3.) Spend More Time in the Kitchen

I love cooking, I really do! Buuuuttt…I don’t have time. Since this month is very open for me, I’m taking advantage of it by starting a 20 day cooking challenge! There will be a blog post about this so stay tuned!

4.) Get Fit!

I’ve always been very healthy and active, but I really want to push myself this month in terms of my diet and exercising!


1.) Wake up at 4am

2.) In bed by 10pm

3.) Cooking challenge

4.) Exercise/Yoga

5.) Take Restore drink


These are all of my goals/resolutions for the month of May! I have so many awesome posts coming up so make sure to check in every Tuesday and Saturday so you don’t miss any!

Comment below some of your goals for this month, what are you currently working towards? Have a wonderful week everyone!


April in Review

Hello lovelies! I’m so happy that April is coming to a close, I have so many exciting things happening in the month of May that I can’t wait to share!

After sitting down a few days ago to plan out the incoming month, I took a moment to look over this month and reflect on what I accomplished and did not accomplish. It’s always really interesting to me to see what I really excelled in; most of the time it really surprises me! Although I still managed to get a lot of things done this month, April had a lot of set backs for me so I’m glad it’s almost over!


This was a very busy month. Starting with Easter, that was an entire day I spent away from work and planning which started the month off a little shaky! The same week I drove up 2 hours to my college for a bit, and then later on I spent the weekend in Grand Island with some friends from my church. The rest of the month consisted of many concerts, birthdays, and day trips, as well as an injury! I injured a muscle in my shoulder while attempting to reach something up high (short girl problems!) of course on my dominant side. It’s healing very fast and very well so hopefully this sling will be off soon!

A Month in Review

What did I accomplish?

  1. Started working more

I changed my availability at work to add in some extra cash!

2. Saved $1000 for dorm/clothes shopping

A goal I had for awhile was to save $1000 to spend on starter things for college like my dorm and a new wardrobe. I’m super excited to start planning everything out with my roommate!

3. Found A Roommate

I have been stressing like crazy to find a college roommate and I finally have!

4. Have 15 Blog Posts Up

Creating a blogging schedule that works with my busy schedule has been very hard and I think I’ve finally got it down, stay tuned!

5. Read (3) Books

This month I read:

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

52 Ways to Live a Kickass Life by Andrea Owens

How to Stop Feeling Like Shit by Andrea Owen

Habits I successfully kept up with the entire month:

  • Writing in my gratitude journal
  • Reading articles on the Flipboard app
  • Getting (7) hours of sleep
  • Meditating
  • Reading a book
  • Doing yoga
  • Working out

Things To Work On

Of course there were still some things I failed at or just didn’t have enough time to do. Out of my habits, I tried to take and edit photos everyday and that just didn’t happen! Sometimes the creative juices aren’t always flowing and that’s okay!


What were some things you accomplished this month? What things just didn’t happen? Leave a comment!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Xoxo, Jen

My Journey to Become a Morning Person

Yikes. The idea of waking up before 1pm makes me feel sick to my stomach. I’ve always been a lover of change, but sleeping in is not something I’d ever want to sacrifice. I realized that creating radical change is the only way to create personal growth and success! So I decided that for the entire month of March, I would be waking up every day at 4:30am!

Something that I’ve always wanted was to be an early riser. To wake up early and be happy about it. I noticed that all of the most successful people in the world were early risers. All of the people I strived to be like, woke up early. They all had routines and they stuck by them. Because I love routines so much, I’m the type of person that tries to cram as much into the day as possible, and it leads me to get burnt out. I knew that if I made the conscious decision to wake up earlier and stick to a routine, I could be working smarter and not harder!

Getting to the waking up early part- the day I started this “challenge” I created for myself was actually pretty easy. I woke up happy and excited, I stuck to my routine, and had a really productive day. I kept this up for about 2 and a half/ 3 weeks. Eventually my late bed times caught up with my new wake up time, and that didn’t go well. Instead of tiring myself out, I knew I needed to work more on my bedtime before I could go back to a 4:30am start.

The thing that gave me the most success here was understanding the reason why. Why was I doing this? If I’m content sleeping in and waking up at my leisure, why change it? Having mental momentum is the most crucial skill to have when attempting radical change. If you are inspired to wake up early, but have no actual reason to work at it, you will eventually fail.

I loved every moment of my early mornings, and I learned that it is possible with meaning involved. Because of this challenge, I have been consistently waking up earlier than I would’ve before, and sticking to a routine. Now fast forward and it’s almost May; I’ve been going to bed around 10pm every night, and I’ve decided that May 1st I will be waking up at 4amevery morning!


Tell me, what times do you normally wake up and go to bed? Are you an early riser or a night owl?

Xoxo, Jen

Spring Reading List for the #GirlBoss

Happy spring everyone! Unfortunately the weather is still absolutely terrible where I live, but I’m remaining optimistic! Spring is normally a very wet and gloomy season, which calls for lots of reading! I’ve been super inspired lately by some very empowering women: Andrea Owen, Kalyn Nicholson and Brooke Castillo which have all led me to read a lot more. I’ve been on such a learning kick! I even picked up another notebook from Michael’s to add to my set for purely taking notes and writing down some good quotes. I feel like spring is an amazing time of year to take a step back and do a lot of learning and reflection. Spring brings a lot of rain and cloudiness so what better way to enjoy it than by curling up with a good book? So my friends, I want to share my 2018 Spring Reading List (for the #girlboss) with you all!


I first want to start off by listing a few books I have already/am currently reading, and then I’ll share the rest of the books that I am planning to read. One of my goals this month was to read (3) books so I’m focusing a lot on prioritizing reading!

1.) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey

I read this book in January and a few years ago as well, and I feel like this book is essential as a starting point. This book is extremely motivating and gets you to work on your behaviors, habits, and mindset which is crucial to work on before anything else. It got a bit too youthful for me at some points but overall it was a good read! I would give it about a 7/10 !

2.) You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

This book is an absolute classic! I could not stop reading this! This is one of those books that make you feel like the author is speaking directly at you and your life personally which made this book hard to put down! This book is incredibly empowering and inspirational. I would read this book 1000 times over. I would easily rate this book a 10/10 !

3.) Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

In school we just finished writing our thesis papers, and I was assigned to write on the topic of happiness in today’s society. I was required to read this book for my paper, and I was incredibly surprised by how interesting and enjoyable this book was. Mitch Albom tells the story of his conversations with his dying college professor and the life advice he gave him was just so moving. I highly recommend this book; 9/10 !

4.) Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho

Calling all bloggers! This one is for you! This book is extremely helpful for any blogger no matter how far along you are in your blogging journey. Anyone whether you are a new small blogger or someone who is experienced in the blogging world can get something out of this book. Joey interviews a handful of successful bloggers/companies about how they became successful and what makes them so unique. He includes information on how affiliate marketing works, down to how to file your taxes once your blog hits it off. I would rate this book an 8/10 !

Now onto my list of books to read throughout the season:

1.) 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo by Bryan Allain

2.) The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

3.) 52 Ways to Live a Kickass Life by Andrea Owen

4.) How to Stop Feelings Like Shit by Andrea Owen

5.) The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

6.) How Emotions are Made by Lisa Feldman Barrett

7.) Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I am so excited to start reading some of these books so I can give you guys some little reviews! Comment below and tell me what books you are planning on reading this spring!

Xoxo, Jen